To ensure the high quality of service and management and keep a good customer satisfaction, DragonSoft paid lots of efforts in research and develop.

The Dragon Trade System (DTS) has been highly appreciated by the financial industry e.g. many securities companies and wealth managers. And it is charactered as:

- system development based on Solaris, Linux (Redhat, Suse)
- GUI development based on JVM
- versions controlled by CVS, SVN
- using UML,OOSE to design
- construct communication system by Tibco, Socket, MQ
- program C++, JAVA and script program of Perl, csh, tcsh used in system management
- associated database: management and development of Sybase, Oracle

The DragonSoft Energy-Saving Control System is a research program supported by the local government. Through IP base communication, our energy control center is monitoring and  controlling more than 200 energy consuming units in different cities in China.

Ongoing R&D projects includes:

  • Smart lighting control system
  • SEO technology
  • Intelligence Hotel management platform
  • program trade system for future
  • The Residential District Architectural Design and Conserves Energy Plans



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